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Bars, pubs show thanks for the return of St. Patrick's Day

The Herald Palladium 18 Mar 2021
kAm.@@C6 D2.5 E96J 3682? @776C.?8 DA64.2= 5C.?< @C56CD (65?6D52J .? 9@?@C @7 $E] !2EC.4<’D s2J] uC@> xC.D9 r2C q@>3D E@ H9.D<6J[ .@@C6 D2.5 E96J H2?E65 ... kAmx? $E6G6?DG.==6[ r@249’D q2C U2>Aj vC.==6 .D ECJ.?8 E@ E2<6 25G2?E286 @7 E96 =F4< @7 E96 xC.D9]k^Am.

TGI Fridays® Launches Valentine's Weekend Specials and Lent Favorites

The Banner-Press 11 Feb 2021
2?5 ;2D>.?6 C.46k^<6J\v=2K65 qFC86C H.E9 D62D@?65 7C.6Dk^$.KK=.?8 r9.4<6? U2>Aj r966D6 H.E9 >2D965 A@E2E@6Dk^$.KK=.?8 r9.4<6? U2>Aj $9C.>A H.E9 >2D965 A@E2E@6Dk^$.KK=.?8 (9.D<6J u=2E xC@? $E62< H.E9 >2D965 ...

Mark Edwards: Alabama's three horseman ride Tide to victory in Texas

The Herald Palladium 02 Jan 2021
kAmQ~FE=.?65 282.?DE E96 4@=5 3=F6\8C2J DE66= @7 p%U2>Aj% $E25.F>[ E96 %9C66 w@CD6>6? C@25 282.?] x? xC.D9 =@C6[ E96C6 2C6 7@FC[ 3FE p=232>2 ?665D @?=J E9C66i u2>.?6[ !6DE.=6?46 2?5 s6DECF4E.@?] Ws62E9 .D H2.E.?8 @? E96 D.56=.?6[ 2D .E 2=H2JD 5@6D[ 7@C 2== @7 FD]X ...

College Football Playoff: Notre Dame runs more than most of Alabama's 2020 opponents

The Herald Palladium 24 Dec 2020
kAmzJC6? (.==.2>D .D @?6 @7 `_ A=2J6CD E@ CFD9 7@C `[___ J2C5D] w6 E2<6D FA 2 D.8?.7.42?E A@CE.@? @7 }@] c }@EC6 s2>6’D @776?D6 2D .E AC6A2C6D E@ 7246 E96 rC.>D@? %.56 2E p%U2>Aj% $E25.F> .? pC=.?8E@?[ %6I2D] (.E9 (.==.2>D[ E96 xC.D9 3C.?8 2 CFD9.?8 2EE24< E92E &p 92D ?@E D66? .? 2=>@DE 2== @7 .ED @AA@?6?ED]k^Am.

CFP: Alabama-Notre Dame, Clemson-Ohio St as Aggies left out

The Herald Palladium 20 Dec 2020
kAm$6=64E.@? 4@>>.EE66 492.C>2? v2CJ q2CE2[ E96 x@H2 2E9=6E.4 5.C64E@C[ D2.5 }@EC6 s2>6VD 6IEC2 G.4E@CJ 282.?DE 2 C2?<65 @AA@?6?E 96=A65 8.G6 E96 xC.D9 2? 6586 @G6C %6I2D pU2>Aj.]k^Am.

Alabama to meet Notre Dame in relocated CFP semifinal game

The Herald Palladium 20 Dec 2020
kAm}@EC6 s2>6 W`_\`X 362E @FE %6I2D pU2>Aj ... kAm%96 xC.D9 925 366? }@] a .? E96 ru! C2?<.?8D 7@C E96 A2DE >@?E9[ 3FE E96.C bc\`_ =@DD E@ r=6>D@? .? E96 prr E.E=6 82>6 AFE E96.C A=2J@77 9@A6D .? ;6@A2C5J[ A2CE.4F=2C=J 3642FD6 pU2>Aj.

Saul (Bule) Yzquierdo

The Baytown Sun 18 Dec 2020
kAmw6 .D DFCG.G65 3J 9.D H.76 @7 ca J62CD .2C.2 Q$FD.6Q *KBF.6C5@] r9.=5C6?j #2BF6= '6=2KBF6K U2>Aj 9FD32?5 #.8@k^Am. kAm$.3=.?8Dj w64E@C U2>Aj y@D6A9.?6 *KBF.6C5@k^Am. kAmw6 .D AC646565 .? 562E9 3J 9.D D.DE6C xC>2 v2CK2]k^Am ... U2>Aj ?6A96HD E92E 96 =@G65 562C=J]k^Am.

Texas A&M 31, Auburn 20: Three things we learned from yet another loss to a ...

The Courier Times 05 Dec 2020
kAm}@] d %6I2D pU2>Aj ... kAmkDEC@?8m`] pF3FC?’D 5676?D6 925 23D@=FE6=J ?@ 2?DH6C 7@C %6I2D pU2>Aj.k^DEC@?8mk^Am. kAm%96 .562 E92E E96 xC@? q@H= A6C7@C>2?46 >.89E 36 2? @FE=.6C D.>A=J 3642FD6 p=232>2 .D D@ 8@@5 H2D AFE E@ 365 $2EFC52J 2D z6G.? $E66=6’D 5676?D6 H2D C@FE.?6=J 82D965]k^Am ... kAmp?5 H96? %6I2D pU2>Aj.

Thomas Nelson O’Neil

The Elkhart Truth 27 Nov 2020
... 9.D 4@F?ECJ .? E96 &]$] }2GJ 62C?.?8 2 }2E.@?2= s676?D6 $6CG.46 .652=] %9@>2D H2D 2 7.EE6C H6=56C 7@C .U2>Aj. u23C.42E.@?D 2?5 t=<92CE qC.586 U2>Aj xC@?] w6 6?;@J65 A=2J.?8 D=@ED @? E96 4@>AFE6C 2?5 8@=7.?8 H.E9 9.D H.76] w6 H.== 36 8C62E=J >.DD65]k^Am.

OutcomeRx, a unit of CareMetx, announces First Independent Reinsurance Product for Rare Disease Specialty, Cell ...

The Lufkin News 19 Nov 2020
kAm~FE4@>6#I 92D A2CE?6C65 H.E9 rCF> U2>Aj u@CDE6C p44.56?E 2?5 w62=E9 2?5 xC@?w62=E9k^Am ... kAmp3@FE rCF> U2>Aj u@CDE6Ck^Am. kAmk2 E2C86ElQU>52D9j3=2?<Q 9C67lQ9EEAi^^HHH]47.?D]4@>QmrCF> U2>Aj u@CDE6Ck^2m.] q6DE Wa_`hX $.?46 a___k^Am ... kAmp3@FE xC@?D9@C6 $A64.2=EJ x?DFC2?46 r@>A2?Jk^Am.
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